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Global Warming & Hybrid Cars

Global Warming is a considerable increase in the climate temperature of the earth in a short period of time due to human activity. Global warming could result in the arctic ice thinning which would increase the sea level, as well as other extreme weather such as floods, hurricanes etc. Climate change is a major problem in the twenty first century, and a lot has to be done in order to turn things around for future generations. Car producers have been forced to develop new technologies to reduce t........ Read More

Ford And Gm Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars first came to be through Japanese and European car makers. US auto manufacturers only begun their own versions of these fuel-efficient models in the 1990s, after the US government sought the help of American car makers Ford, GM (General Motors) and DaimlerChrysler in the creation of a new hybrid car model that its best fit with the American way of life and budget. Ford was reportedly the first US car maker to bring in a model hybrid car into the industry, coming at a very compe........ Read More

General Motors And Hybrid Cars

General Motors has long been bludgeoned into backing the supporting hybrid car technology. The car making company has already suffered blows—not from pro-hybrid fanatics or not even from environmentalists—but mostly from the market itself. Almost all news article and analyses that tackle GM’s softening financial performance mention GM’s missteps regarding hybrid cars. For instance, CBS News tagged GM as ‘road kill’ amid the rising hybrid cars demand. But much to credits, G........ Read More

Hybrid Cars Released In 2006: Choosing From The Best

Hybrid technology is now being integrated into cars to enable consumers, such as yourself, to save money on fuel. Hybrid cars are known to cut fuel consumption by more than half. With this kind of feature, people would really want to own a hybrid car. Although hybrid technology has been around for quite some time now, car manufacturers have only just began to perfect the hybrid technology to be integrated in cars. Just imagine a car that can run for up to 60 miles to a gallon of fuel. Thi........ Read More

The Gas-electric Or Hybrid Cars

Through the years, there are integration of modern and conventional technologies. The land line telephones have integrated with the wireless devices. The typewriter has integrated with the telephone line to create the modern computer. Thus, technology has never failed to amaze people. It always comes up with answers to today’s most pressing needs and issues. The car is part of that cross-over trend between old and modern technology. Thus, through the years, when people get tired of pay........ Read More

Hybrid Vehicles Vs. Electric Cars

The hottest new thing to do these days is to somehow get electrified. There are all kinds of ways to do this, like going to parties or just watching a really cool science fiction movie, but you could just buy an electric car. That's just what people are doing too. Well, they're buying electric cars that aren't totally electric. But these cars are close enough. They're taking the old Mercedes and tossing it. The next thing they do is lie down in their beds and dream of what other options they........ Read More

What Are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid plants like corn or rice are familiar to many but hybrid cars? Are these space-age cars that do not need fuel to run or even fly in the sky? To the uninitiated, hybrid cars may seem like an alien form or specie that requires a lot of explaining. To car and environment aficionados, hybrid cars are either bane or boon especially with the increasing fuel prices worldwide. Hybrid cars may just be the answer of modern scientists to the rising fuel cost and the deteriorating quality of the en........ Read More

Hybrid Cars Versus Oil Cars

For quite some time, cars have fascinated people and consumers with all the outstanding features in the latest and newest models. In the past, cars were principally meant to facilitate faster and more convenient mobility of people so they could go to their work and destinations faster. There is a striking setback, however. Energy requirements and combustion is one because cars principally run on oil or gasoline. So what is wrong about it? Not much. Oil or gasoline are combustible subs........ Read More

The Disadvantages Of Owning Hybrid Cars

Yes it's true, there are some negatives of owning of hybrid car, but all of them are not horrible. Still, you might want to know some of the disadvantages of owning a hybrid car. But don't get worried. You won't have to take your car back to the shop unless you want to, that is. Hybrid cars are not as popular as you may think Only about 50% of consumers say they will buy a hybrid soon. That's probably because hybrid cars are not cheap. Also, most people are a little concerned about buy........ Read More

How Hybrid Cars Work

A hybrid car is such a car in which two types of motors are synchronized to provide power to the wheels. The most popular combination is the one in which the gasoline engine is assisted by the electric motor so that the gas engine is periodically shut off in order to reserve fuel. Usually hybrid cars are subdivided into two major categories. In the first type, only the use of electric motor propels the engine at very low speeds. The electric motor has the inherent ability to assist the engine ........ Read More

A Quick Look On 2006 Hybrid Cars

Demand for hybrid cars has sharply grown over the past three years, as pump prices continue to surge and eating a considerable part of the household budget. Hybrid cars may not be the complete solution to rising oil prices but they are very economical, as they rely more on electricity instead of gas for power. For 2006, business conditions have remained turbulent. The current crisis in Israel and Lebanon will likely have an adverse effect on oil markets given that they are very near the wor........ Read More

Credit Offerings For Hybrid Cars

If you have just bought another hybrid car this year, you might be in for a big headache. In fact, after you read this article, you would probably be berating yourself for having done so. The very expensive hybrid cars now comes with bigger headaches -- in the form of regulated tax credits. Beginning January 1, this year, owners and buyers of several latest models of hybrid cars would be imposed hefty tax credits. Those credits will vary a lot. Several of the hybrid vehicles available in th........ Read More

The Setbacks Of Electric And Hybrid Cars

Since the car was invented centuries ago, people and car makers around the world have aimed to roll out and introduce the best car models, for the convenience of the end users and for their company revenue growth. The technology for making and manufacturing cars have really evolved through the years, that generation after generation, there is almost always a striking modification of the old ways. Car makers in Japan, the United States, Germany and elsewhere have always strived to outpace........ Read More

Is The Future Of Hybrid Cars Unpredictable?

Yes would be the answer to that question, but why? It would seem odd that the future of hybrids cars would be unpredictable since everyone is talking about the pain at the pump all of the time. So just how is it that the solution to all of our gas problems has an unpredictable future? Well, that has a lot to do with price. But no one could predict how much sales have soared in the both the current and past years. Hybrid cars came out in the year 2000. And since then, they have just been se........ Read More

The Most Effective Way To Compare Hybrid Cars

Sure, hybrid cars are hot nowadays. And sure, this is not only a fad that would lose its appeal later on, because of the technology, gas mileage, and overall environmental concerns that it simultaneously tries to resolve. So before you rush to your dealer, try researching on the different hybrid cars available in the market today. At the very least, compare hybrid cars using several factors. We can start with some of the hybrid cars models currently available and are worth comparing. Th........ Read More


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