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Sustainability & Scarcity

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Sustainability & Scarcity addresses a gap in the literature on green building recognized by many in the fields of international development, architecture, construction, housing and sustainability. Rather than being based on the experiences of more economically-developed countries, this book describes the nature of green building in the developing world, elaborating the main issues that define sustainability in those particular contexts.

Through more than 30 years of development work in design and construction in Africa and the Middle East, the author has seen well-intentioned development projects, both in theory and in practice, that ultimately do not contribute to sustainable development. Starting from the basis of green building rating tools used in the more economically-developed countries, the author draws from his own experiences to make available to other practitioners green building strategies relevant to the developing country context that promise effective solutions to their need for sustainable green design.

The book looks in detail at examples of buildings in Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, and Vietnam, illustrating the application of the green building strategies described. Fully illustrated with drawings and full colour photos, the book is a practical guide for practitioners and policy-makers working in the poorest regions of the world. Sustainability & Scarcity is quite simply an essential handbook for anyone concerned with sustainable design and building in the developing world.

Carbon Capture And Storage

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Carbon Capture and Storage, Second Edition provides a thorough, yet non-specialist introduction to technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels during power generation and other energy-intensive industrial processes, such as steelmaking. Extensively revised and updated, this second edition provides detailed coverage of key carbon dioxide capture methods alongside an examination of the most promising techniques for carbon storage.

The book opens with an introductory section that provides the background to the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, an overview of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and a primer in the fundamentals of power generation. The next chapters focus on key carbon capture technologies, including absorption, adsorption and membrane-based systems, addressing their applications in both the power and non-power sectors. New for the second edition, a dedicated section on geological storage of carbon dioxide follows, with chapters addressing the relevant features, events and processes (FEP) associated with this scenario. Non-geological storage methods such as ocean storage and storage in terrestrial ecosystems are the subject of the final group of chapters. A chapter on carbon dioxide transportation is also included.

This extensively revised and expanded second edition will be a valuable resource for power plant engineers, chemical engineers, geological engineers, environmental engineers and industrial engineers seeking a concise, yet authoritative one-volume overview of this field. Researchers, consultants and policy makers entering this discipline will benefit from this reference.

  • All-inclusive and authoritative coverage of the major technologies under consideration for carbon capture and storage
  • Accessible to those with a scientific or engineering background, yet who are not specialists in this area
  • Second edition includes a new Part III dedicated to geological storage of carbon dioxide, covering this topic in much more depth (9 chapters compared to 1 in the first edition)
  • Other significant chapters for the second edition include new sections or expanded content on: chemical looping/calcium looping; life-cycle GHG assessment of CCS technologies; non-power industries (e.g. including pulp/paper alongside ones already covered); carbon negative technologies (e.g. BECCS); gas-fired power plants; biomass and waste co-firing; hydrate-based capture; In addition all chapters have been revised and updated

The Green Card Guidebook

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Are you dating, engaged to, or married to someone from another country? You probably have tons of questions about the U.S. immigration process. The Green Card Guidebook covers all of the must-know details, including: Top green card myths What you should do RIGHT now even if you're not yet engaged How the government decides whether your relationship is legit Planning a wedding and honeymoon around tricky immigration timeframes, and Keeping sane during the sometimes challenging process. Start your immigration journey with the peace of mind that comes from learning the facts from a real immigration lawyer!

Greenhouse Gases And Animal Agriculture

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The major theme of this book is environmental preservation by controlling release of undesirable greenhouse gases to realize the sustainable development of animal agriculture. Technology exists for the effective collection of methane generated from anaerobic fermentation of animal effluent and its use as a biomass energy source. Fossil fuel consumption can be reduced and there can be increased use of locally available energy sources. In addition, promoting environmentally-conscious agriculture which does not rely on the chemical fertilizer can be realized by effective use of animal manure and compost products.

A Study In Scarlet

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When Dr. Watson ends up renting rooms in Baker Street with the eccentric Sherlock Holmes, he finds that he has let himself in for a great deal more than he imagined. He is called upon to help the budding detective solve a perplexing mystery, involving a dead body found in a locked room. Although the body shows no signs of having been attacked Holmes is convinced that a murder has been committed. As Watson looks on, he uses his exceptional powers of deduction to unravel a case that involves both kidnapping and thwarted love.


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